Professional Fountains. Beautiful Callebaut Chocolate.
Guaranteed to provide the wow factor at any event, here in Canterbury.

Sephra Large

The Sephra

The largest fountain, guaranteed to provide that wow factor at an event.
Serves 150+ people.

Stands about 112cm high

4 tiers

Medium Chocofountain

The Montezuma

Slightly less tall than the Sephra but still large enough to wow the crowd

Serves 100+ people

Stands about 86cm tall

3 tiers

Small Chocofountain

The Aztec

This fountain is ideal for larger domestic parties and smaller corporate functions.

Serves 75+ people

Stands about 68cm tall

3 tiers

Smallest Chocofountain

The Cortez

Our smallest fountain, but still large enough to create a buzz. Ideal for smaller parties.

Serves 50+ people

Stands about 58cm tall

3 tiers

Callebaut Chocolate

Callebaut Chocolate! You can't just use any old chocolate in the fountains as it needs to flow properly without burning out the motors. We sell Callebaut Belgian milk chocolate that not only flows beautifully it tatstes devine.


*(this price may change depending on current market. Call for current price)

all prices are gst exclusive
unless otherwise stated


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